Monday, October 20, 2008

"Gypsy Girl" $28.00

I love how this set turned out. But I did'nt love having to sit and make all of those little loops to hook into each bead! lol Not sure why it took me so long.Getting old, the eyes must be going.A good excuse to get me one of those fancy Ott Lamps.I've priced one at around 80.00 at Michaels. (can you say 50% of coupon?) Anywho it's assorted glass beads on gold plated chain and gold plated earring loops. I think this will work great with a black turtleneck shirt.


Jake and Cassi said...

I got your blog from a lady and wanted to know were you get your beads and if you have any other jewlrey for sale?

Jake and Cassi said...

my email is