Sunday, October 12, 2008


Been MIA! Wow the time sure does get away from you when your trying to be consistant in your blogging.Anywho, still enjoying being a new mommy. Busy getting orders out and gearing up for the year to wind down.Holidays, mine and daughter birthdays in Dec and my mom just told me "we" are planning on five extra folks for Thanksgiving! Plus I'am in charge of holiday decor.Talk about being busy! I forgot to get some pics of stuff I made and sold before I mailed them or they were picked up.I'll be back with pics I did get. I made a little something for me and as usual I have several projects on the go.For some reason as if I don't have enough to do, I have a desire to dig out my knitting/crochet supplies! WTH? Enough jabber for now, I leave you with a pic of my messy "beadness" lol

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